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proudTgirl mouths off.

Chapter One: Reanimation.

Welcome. This week I was chatting to my good friend Dave Wildman who persuaded me to go back to my blogging, and before Facebook I used to blog. So, Dave here it is. A revisit to blogging. I started blogging in 2004 when MSN offered ‘Spaces’ and used to sit before the mobile era endulging myself creatively. I’m not going to big myself up as some sort of writer but I used to enjoy writing stuff for my own amusement, and then it became WordPress. I logged in and found what were basically my old blogs from 2011, fuck knows where my mind was at the time, one was a seemingly normal blog in which my more polite society musings were placed and then it descended into a blog called Madmans Catharsis – The scratches from inside the coffin lid of thought, so clearly my mind was addled and a fresh start was in order. The other was a book review site I never reviewed a book on. So here it is, a blog. I should say if youre expecting deep thought ful long reads, well after a decade making jokes about standing next to a coma patient sexually abusing them and getting my ‘sexual cheapies’ can I even write lengthy serious stuff, and am I about to out myself as some shitheaded punchline junkie.

So here is proudTgirl mouths off. I want to write some book reviews, I quite fancy the odd bit of history and frankly this is just going to be a page for my self indulgent thinking too long or too esoteric for Facebook.

My attitude to writing in a public way has only ever been for my online thinking to be put here for my amusement, these are not the musings of someone who considers themselves a writer with aspiriations to write and if you’re expecting Pulitzer Prize winning shit, then I feel dutybound to offer my sincere apologies.

Anyway, feel free to comment, tell me what you think.



Published by proudtgirl

45yo transgender person, lives in Plymouth UK, pro EU child of Polish immigrant descended. Words all my own.

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